NIPR Non-Resident Adjuster License (NRAL)

NIPR Announcements

Due to the variations in state specific processing, it may take five (5) business days or longer to process your changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the stateOpen NAIC Map in a new tab.

State Announcements

The following information from the states is meant to inform you of temporary or recent changes regarding the processing of non-resident adjuster licenses. For specific information regarding state rules, please see the state requirements section.


Posted: 09/10/14
Residents from California, Hawaii and New York applying for a non-resident independent adjuster license must take an Alabama exam based upon their respective states requiring our residents to take an exam under NAIC reciprocity.

Residents from New Mexico applying for a non-resident independent adjuster license must take an Alabama exam based upon the Alabama adjuster law.

Effective January 1, 2015, any non-resident individual choosing Alabama as their designated home state for the independent adjuster license must take and pass the appropriate Alabama adjuster exam and complete the fingerprinting requirements.

Approved prelicensing providers can be found on the Alabama website.


Posted: 05/05/13
Effective immediately and until further notice, Arizona non-resident adjuster licenses will no longer be available electronically. Please submit all non-resident adjuster license applications directly to the Arizona DOI via paper application.


Posted: 06/23/13
Michigan license numbers for individuals will be the same as the National Producer Numbers (NPNs), which can be found by using NIPR's National Producer Number Lookup.


Posted: 01/22/13
The Department has received a number of inquiries from insurers asking if Vermont law provides an exception to the adjuster licensing requirement if the individual adjusting is a staff adjuster of the insurer. The answer is no, there is no exception for the adjuster licensing requirement, unless the insurer is a Vermont domestic fire or casualty company. See Title 8 V.S.A. § 4791(3). Insurers should review their licensing protocols to ensure their adjusters handling Vermont claims are properly licensed. For information on how to obtain a license, please visit the Vermont website.