NIPR Non-Resident Renewal (NRR)

NIPR Announcements

Due to the variations in state specific processing, it may take five (5) business days or longer to process your changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the stateOpen NAIC Map in a new tab .

State Announcements

The following information from the states is meant to inform you of temporary or recent changes regarding the processing of non-resident license renewals. For specific information regarding state rules, please see the State Requirements section.


Posted: 09/17/14
Effective immediately and until further notice. The following Arizona lines of authorities will not be available through NIPR:
  • LTD Lines Travel Producer
  • Life Settlement Broker
  • Adjuster

Please submit all license applications for these lines of authorities directly to the Arizona DOI via paper application.


Posted: 08/12/14
As of February 14, 2014, only the following individual or business entity licenses are allowed for renewal in Hawaii:
  1. Non-resident surplus lines broker
  2. Non-resident producer who holds a non-resident surplus lines broker