NIPR Resident License Renewal (RLR)

State Announcements

The following information from the states is meant to inform you of temporary or recent changes regarding the processing of resident license renewals. For specific information regarding state rules, please see the State Requirements section.


Posted: 04/10/15
Attention Connecticut Adjusters and Appraisers: As of April 10, 2015, all licensees must renew through NIPR. No checks will be processed at the Connecticut Department of Insurance. To view Frequently Asked Questions which include step by step renewal instructions, go to the department website at:


Posted: 10/30/14
As of February 14, 2014, only the following individual or business entity licenses are allowed for renewal via NIPR:
  1. Resident surplus lines broker
  2. Resident producer who holds a resident surplus lines broker. If you have a resident producer license but do not hold a resident surplus lines broker license, renew your resident producer license on Hawaii’s website.

North Carolina

Posted: 02/13/15
Business Entities renewing their North Carolina license should be entering their FEIN (without the dash) as the license number instead of the state issued license number in the license number field. The renewing business entity must also enter the FEIN (with or without the dash) in the FEIN field as well.


Posted: 02/04/15
Effective February 7, 2015, Pennsylvania will allow resident individual and business entity insurance producers and surplus lines producers to late renew electronically for up to 60 days past the license expiration date with a late renewal fee but no lapse in continuous licensure. Individual and business entity insurance producers and surplus lines producers will also be able to reinstate their license electronically starting 61 days after the license expiration date up to 365 days (one year) past the license expiration date with a late renewal fee which will result in a lapse in continuous licensure. Application details are located in the State Requirements Page.

Rhode Island

Posted: 03/15/15
Claims Adjuster license has been transitioned to specific license types: Company Adjuster, Independent Adjuster, and Public Adjuster. If your current Claims Adjuster license expires in 2015, you must select one of the new adjuster license types (Company, Independent or Public Adjuster) through the Initial licensing applications. If you have any questions prior to renewing, please contact NIPR Customer Service or Rhode Island Department of Insurance at (401) 462-9500.


Posted: 03/27/15

Nonstandard License Renewal Notice: Virginia resident and nonresident Surplus Lines Broker, Consultant and Viatical Settlement Broker licenses must be renewed prior to July 1, 2015, regardless of when the license was issued. Non-renewed licenses terminate June 30, 2015. All other Virginia licenses are perpetual.

Resident Surplus Lines Brokers Only: As a condition of renewal, the electronic application includes an “attestation” wherein the applicant must certify that they have, and will keep in force for as long as the license remains in effect, a $25,000 bond in favor of the Commonwealth with corporate sureties licensed by the Commission. The surety bond number, effective date and full name of the insurer must be included on the application for renewal. The Bureau will not require receipt of the actual bond as a condition of renewal.

All Surplus Lines Brokers: If you renew your license but have not filed the Virginia Bureau of Insurance Maintenance Assessment Report and paid the Maintenance Assessment, your license may be revoked. The Maintenance Assessment must be paid even if no Virginia business was transacted. Visit Virginia Surplus Lines Brokers Regulatory Information page for additional information.