MICHIGAN Non-Resident Adjuster Licensingfor Individuals

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Primary Rules

Response Question
Yes Accepts adjuster for individuals electronically.
No* Accepts adjuster for business entities electronically.
No Accepts Adjuster Designated Home State (ADHS) electronically.
Yes Applicant can reinstate a license electronically.
Yes Applicant can add lines of authority to an existing active license electronically.
No Print licenses electronically.

* Business entities will apply through Non-Resident Licensing (NRL) rather than Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing (NRAL).

License Printing

Michigan does not offer license printing services electronically.  To document licensure, companies should make a screen-print of the producer's license status from the DIFS Insurance License Locator or from Producer Database (PDB).

Business Rules

Applicant must be eighteen (18) years old or older as determined from the applicant's date of birth.

Applicant is allowed to use post office boxes for mailing addresses. A physical address is required in the residence/home address only.

All non-resident adjusters must show a home state on the Producer Database (PDB).

Applicant for the crop line of authority for the adjuster license must provide an insurance company NAIC number for the authorized insurance provider.

An adjuster for the insured must provide a copy of the adjuster contract that will be used and sent directly to Michigan.

All adjusters must provide information if connected to a fire repair contractor.

Prior to filing an application, an applicant with a conviction history is strongly encouraged to review Chapter 12 of the Michigan Insurance Code and the Guiding Principles. For complete information on license eligibility, please visit the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) for information.

If applicant answers "yes" to one of the background questions please submit supporting documents to the state. The documents may also be submitted to the state via mail, email, or fax.  If submitting to the state please send:

  • a written statement explaining the circumstances, and
  • a copy of the official document which demonstrates the resolution of the charges, or any final judgment

Please include on any and all correspondence:

  • Name
  • SSN / FEIN
  • NIPR transaction number

Please check Announcements for any last minute notifications about the states to which you are applying.

State Offerings

Please note that license class names can vary by state.

License Class Line of Authority (LOA) Major / Limited / Other *
Adjuster for Insured Fire & Other Hazards Other
Independent Adjuster Fire & Other Hazards Other
Independent Adjuster Crop Other
Independent Adjuster Workers' Compensation Other

* Applications for Other lines of authority will defer to state for approval.

License Fees

Fees shown are state fees only. These fees do not include NIPR transaction fees.

License Class / LOA Combination Fee * Other Fee **
Adjuster for Insured / All LOA's $15.00 $15.00
Independent Adjuster /All LOA's $15.00 $15.00

* Per application.

** $15.00 both application and amend fee. May include one (1) or more LOA's.


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Last Update: 10/10/2013