Influential Regulator/Industry Board Members Reflect on 20 Years of NIPR
Glenn Pomeroy: Over 20 years ago, insurance regulators and the industry came together to tackle a common problem:  the uncoordinated multi-state licensing of insurance agents was expensive, redundant and horribly out-of-date.  In the two decades since NIPR launched, this innovative enterprise has illustrated what can be accomplished when stakeholders focus on their common purpose  and solve problems together.

Susan Voss: During my tenure as a regulator, the NIPR was a shining example of how we can work with industry to create greater efficiency and effectiveness in regulation.  Bravo to NIPR for their great work and continued success!

Bruce Ferguson: In 1996, the ACLI and NAIC shared a vision for modernizing the antiquated process of state-by-state producer licensing through a public-private partnership. In the following two decades, NIPR harnessed the power of technology to transform producer licensing into a national system, benefiting all the consumers we serve. It’s a tremendous success story!

Maryellen Waggoner: It was truly a privilege to be a part of NIPR from its inception up to the accomplishment of transitioning from paper to an online application in a relatively short time. This was all due to the dedication of the talented NIPR staff, the commitment of the NIPR Board of Directors and the cooperation and participation of the states — without which there would be no NIPR.

Cathy Weatherford: As a former state insurance commissioner and CEO of the NAIC, I am keenly aware of how a streamlined and uniform producer-licensing process benefits us all.  A consolidated process utilizing systems such as the Producer Database and the NIPR Gateway create an efficient method resulting in time and cost savings. Instituting national standards and reducing paperwork increases our productivity to benefit not only regulators and the insurance industry, but also the consumers we all assist.

William Anderson: I represented life insurance agents for 38 years and participated with the development of NIPR.  We were hoping to create an electronic database for agent appointments and terminations and wondered whether it would be successful.  Not only is NIPR a huge success, but it now offers agents throughout the country a host of services including resident and non-resident licensing.  Today, insurance agents have the ability to do one-stop shopping through the use of NIPR, creating efficiencies that could only be dreamed about 20 years ago.

NIPR By The Numbers
Transactions: 25,140,284

Transaction volume increased: 9.57%

Fees sent to states: $664,171,369

Calls from insurance professionals: 172,761

Producer Database (PDB) Records: 6,440,252

Reports generated for industry: 12.390,000

Licensed insurance professionals nationwide: 2,427,382

New licenses obtained by applicants: 1,620,000

Existing licenses renewed by applicants: 1,860,000