Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Attachment Warehouse Sending/Attaching Supporting Documents

What is the difference between Background Question Supporting Documentation (BQSD) and Reporting of Actions (ROA)?

BQSD is for submitted supporting documentation regarding a "yes" answer to a background question within an NIPR Online Application.  ROA is for reporting, to all the states you are licensed in, any new criminal, civil or administrative action taken against you.

How long are my documents saved in the warehouse?

Documents are saved in the warehouse for (10) years.

Why can't I sign-in to the Attachment Warehouse for BQSD?

You must have an electronic license or renewal transaction in the NIPR Gateway with a "yes" answer to one of the background questions, and
The transaction must not be closed by the state. Status should be "pending".

Can I upload more than one document?

Yes, you may upload as many documents as necessary.

How can I delete a document, or make changes to information in the Attachments Warehouse?

a. Documents cannot be deleted once they have been submitted
b. Information contained in fields associated with a document cannot be changed once the document is submitted.