Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Contact Change Request

My personal information is incorrect, how do I fix it?

If you find a problem with date of birth or first/last name, you will need to correct the information.

Address, email and phone information may be pre-populated based on state submitted data or contact information submitted with exam information. If the information is incorrect, and it was submitted from exam information, you can change the information using the CCR application.

I was applying for a license and noticed that the populated contact information was incorrect. Can I finish my application and change my contact information later?

You may make the changes before or after your application is submitted to the state.

  • Before: If you want to change contact information before completing your license/renewal application, you should wait at least three days after updating through CCR before submitting your application to the state.
  • After: You can submit changes to contact information after completing your application to the state. Wait at least three days before making contact change in CCR. See next question for detail.

I applied for a license and then updated contact information through CCR, but it looks like the incorrect contact information is still being shown. What happened?

Sometimes a CCR transaction and a license application are received by the state too close together. Depending on the order in which the state updates their database, it is possible that the old contact information replaced the new information (which was applied first). It is best to wait several days between submitting an application and updating contact info in CCR.

It is possible that a state used another data source to update some of their records. CCR uses information provided by the state to populate CCR. You can submit the contact change request again and if it still does not update within 3 business days you may contact NIPR Customer Service.

Are there fees for making a contact change request?

NIPR does not charge a fee for CCR. States sometimes do, depending on their business rules.

I can't seem to update contact information for one of my states. Why?

There are times when a change conflicts with the state business rules. When this happens, you will not see a change occur.

You can open CCR (after three business days) to see the current contact information. If the change has been made in CCR then the state database has been updated.