Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Resident Insurance Producer Licensing

What are the requirements to obtain a license in my state?

Each state may have different requirements for licensing. Please visit the State Specific Requirements for the state you wish to become licensed in for their specific requirements.

What is the status of my application?

You may check the status of an application by contacting the state directly or looking the information up on the NIPR Home page (this should be a link to the homepage).

How do I print my license?

To print your license, click the state on NIPR's Producer Licensing Map. For states that do not provide online printing, you must request a copy of the license directly from the state. Note: Clicking a state on the map will take you away from the NIPR website.

How can I reinstate my license?

It depends on the state. Some states:

  • allow late renewals through the renewal application
  • allow reinstatements through the initial license application
  • do not allow reinstatements through NIPR

Please view the State Specific Requirements for both renewals and initial licenses to determine how your state handles reinstatements.

How can I correct the address on my application?

Addresses cannot be updated within the application if it is pre-populated. For individuals , please use NIPR's Contact Change Request (CCR) application to make changes to the addresses on file. Note: Please allow up to five (5) business days after submitting the changes for them to be reflected in the online applications.

Where can I find each state's specific requirements?

See NIPR's State Specific Requirements.

What is my CRD number?

The FINRA CRD number is only required when applying for the variable line of authority. Please visit FINRA BrokerCheck if you need to lookup your FINRA CRD number.

Why am I receiving a message that says it cannot verify my information or could not find an active resident license for my license number?

Something on the page is being entered incorrectly or you do not have an active resident license. Please click the NPN link and license number link, on the sign-in page, to verify the numbers you are submitting and try again.

What if the license I am trying to renew does not display?

You may not be within the renewal window or your license may have expired. Please see the State Specific Requirements for your state for more information.

Where can I find each state's specific requirements for producer or adjuster licenses?

Please see the State Specific Requirements for the state in which you are applying.