Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): National Producer Database (PDB)

What is the Producer Database (PDB)?

The Producer Database (PDB) is a central repository of producer licensing information updated on a timely basis by participating state insurance departments. The PDB includes data from external databases such as the Regulatory Information Retrieval System (RIRS) to provide a more comprehensive producer profile.

What information is provided through the PDB?

General demographic information, license and appointment information, as well as regulatory actions. Visit the Producer Database page for more information.

Who do I contact if I find a discrepancy in information being supplied to the PDB?

The information displayed in the Producer Database (PDB) comes directly from the participating state insurance departments. For data in the PDB to be changed, it must be sent to NIPR by a participating state insurance department. Please contact the department of insurance for the state that is supplying the incorrect information. When the state updates their database, it will automatically be sent to the PDB.

How do I become a PDB customer and how much does it cost?

For more information regarding becoming a PDB customer, please contact the NIPR Marketing Department at (816) 783-8467 or

How do I obtain a PDB report without becoming a customer?

To obtain your own PDB report you will need to complete a Producer Request Form.